August 4, 2014 - Air Force Times - p. 18-19, 23

August 4, 2014 – Air Force Times – p. 18-19, 23

Very proud of the great article which was published in today’s edition of the Air Force Times.  Not only did the author, Oriana Pawlyk, do a great job exploring the value of senior-military leaders utilizing social-media as a valuable communication tool, she was kind enough to share many quotes I’m very proud of.  Namely, the following, which closed the article: “Michel and Fritz said they would encourage more leaders to get on social media platforms.  ‘People who are hungry to have a conversation about leadership, about responsibility, integrity…those are the people who interact with us, and now, more active-duty and retired senior leaders are reaching out to us because they have important things to say; there’s an important conversation to be had,’ Fritz said.”

Thank you, Oriana, for sharing our message with your readers.  We’re very proud of what we have accomplished via and are grateful for the outstanding article!

You can find Oriana Pawlyk on Twitter at @Oriana0214 and read her articles online at

Date: August 4, 2014
Appearance: Air Force Times Article – “Leaders Who Tweet”
Outlet: The Air Force Times
Format: Newspaper

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