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The model Colonel John Boyd developed as a fighter pilot, dubbed the OODA Loop for “Observe, Orient, Decide and Act” has become the foundation for agile strategy used for success in environments from legal, to business, and to war.

Matthew Fritz‘s insight:

Considering that an opponent is not just standing there and watching you nug out an answer to beating them at their own game, the faster you are able to complete this cycle and then re-engage to do it again—over and over—is what puts you on the Wheaties box. Complete the cycle poorly, and you can expect a poor outcome. Cycle continuously and rapidly—better than your opponent—and you will find yourself crowned king of the mountain.

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Matthew Fritz is a leader and mentor in the field of complex organizational change, emotional intelligence, and organization strategy. A successful DoD senior-acquisition program manager and test leader, Matt has earned documented success in the areas of test and evaluation, assessment, technology development and flight operations. He has specialized experience in cost, schedule and performance management and is an active duty Field-Grade Officer with command-experience in the United States Air Force. Matt is also a certified acquisition professional, as well as a certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer/Practitioner. He is the Author of an instructional book entitled, “Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile for Success” and actively blogs with other military leaders at, as well as his personal blog at He and his wife, Stacy, enjoy life with their daughter and son in New Mexico.

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