The Great Turkey Rebellion: A Tale of Strategy and Complex Change | Switch and Shift

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Too often, the energy and sound of tactical preparation diminishes the strategic view. As a result, leaders fail to address the larger issues that challenge a team.

Matthew Fritz‘s insight:

Where are you leading your Team today?  Have you considered the second and third‑order effects of the change you are leading?  Do your Teammates know why the change matters?  Better yet, can they tell the story themselves with the same flame and energy as you can?  On the other hand, is it possible they are too focused on the rotten eggs or the sharpening of claws to understand that their inability to understand the direction only dooms them to a worse fate than staying where they are?  Tell your story, share your vision, and expectyour Team to be capable of the same…

…the farmers and the foxes may be taken by surprise!

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Matthew Fritz is a leader and mentor in the field of complex organizational change, emotional intelligence, and organization strategy. A successful DoD senior-acquisition program manager and test leader, Matt has earned documented success in the areas of test and evaluation, assessment, technology development and flight operations. He has specialized experience in cost, schedule and performance management and is an active duty Field-Grade Officer with command-experience in the United States Air Force. Matt is also a certified acquisition professional, as well as a certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer/Practitioner. He is the Author of an instructional book entitled, “Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile for Success” and actively blogs with other military leaders at, as well as his personal blog at He and his wife, Stacy, enjoy life with their daughter and son in New Mexico.

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